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Amrita Store now brings you a long awaited convenience. A pillow smooth and soft that turns itself into a sleeping surface. All that you need to do to convert is a few hand strokes.

The high quality cotton outer is lined inside with a wadding of Recron.

Available in a choice of colours.

When open, AMRITA WONDER PILLOW comes in a convenient all inclusive size of

110 X 190 cm corresponding to 43 X 75 inches. 


Amrita Wonder Pillows are individually handcrafted at Self Help Group centers dotted all over India. Drawing inspiration from Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, affectionately known worldwide as Amma, meaning Mother, the Self Help Groups functioning under the banner of Amritavarshini (literally meaning bestower of Immortality) is a mission of love to ensure livelihood to the rural communities in the country at the same time encourage the much needed womens' empowerment towards their social and financial independence.

Be assured that every Amrita Wonder Pillow you buy for your own or to gift someone you love - a good portion of the transaction goes directly to the Amritavarshini Self Help Groups.     

The AMRITA WONDER PILLOW makes an ideal convenience and comfort while travelling and camping.  


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